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Thread: Trading SPX BUSH GU AUTO!

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    Trading SPX BUSH GU AUTO!

    Hey guys I have tried trading this a couple times before and I have waffled. Sorry about that this time if anybody is still interested it will be traded!!! Looking for the best offer. There is a scan in my photobucket and I can get other scans if needed. Anyway LMK

  2. Kronozio
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    If you see anything you like i would be interested

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    I'm looking for cv 450-500 bv 700. I'm checking buckets right now and also I'm looking to sell or trade for football

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    Williams-Didn't see anything
    Vlad-Like the maroney /25 and the 5 sigs card 2005
    ravens-you didn't give me a password to your pc
    ahirsh and nt i didn't see anything
    atrain the chad johnson rookie ticket, and hot prospects sigs cutler,young,leinart

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    Chad rookie ticket $125
    Triple /10 no bv only know sale $720

    thanks anyways

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