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    Cool Trading a Rookie Vick upper deck jersey....

    Title says it all lmk what you could do looking for 2006 rookies and ronnie brown and Matt Schaub

    Lmk what you have.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i have a matt schaub press pass
    also check my tradlist

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    Teddy44-didnt see anything for the the schaub but wouldnt trade for vick. vick bv is 40... look at my bucket for a trade on the schaub and pm.

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    yah i know you wouldnt trade it for the schaub but take a look at my tradelist

    i am also interested in the v. young rc

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    Sorry didnt see anything i could use...but tell me what you would do for the schaub

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    well i was trying to make the trade a little bigger
    i dont want to do such a small trade
    thanks for the replys

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