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Thread: 2006 Topps Paradigm Football

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    2006 Topps Paradigm Football

    Topps announced its all-new 2006 Topps Paradigm Football

    Here is what every 5-card Casted Acrylic Box guarantees;
    • One sequentially #’d Veteran/Retired Base or Parallel card
    • One sequentially #’d Rookie Dual Relic or Veteran/Retired Dual Relic card
    • One sequentially #’d Autographed Rookie or Autographed Retired Variation card
    • One sequentially #’d Autographed Relic Rookie card
    • One sequentially #’d Autographed Relic Rookie or Autographed Relic Veteran/Retired card

    It’s $350 for the pack/box

    Here are some examples of what you can pull;

    • Autographed Relic Cards with GAME-WORN patches signed by this year’s hottest rookies.*
    • Autographed Dual Rookie NFL Logo Patch cards.
    • Autographed nameplate letters from GAME-WORN jerseys signed by this year’s hottest rookies.
    • An array of 1 of 1 Autographed Dual Relics featuring NFL Logo Patches.
    • Stunning Autographed and Relic cards featuring unique combinations with superstar names.

    This set will have all the top Rookies, top Veterans and all the Greats to ever step on the field. Stunning Autographes, Relics and Autographed Relic cards – Namath, Reggie Bush, Marino, Montana, Bradshaw, Elway, Starr, Favre, Vince Young, Brady, Peyton Manning, Sayers, Dorsett, Matt Leinart, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and many more!

    It should be coming out the last week in February.

  2. Kronozio
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    hmmm, is this topps answer to UD exquisite?

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    man that sounds like an awesome box. Can't wait to see what hits the Bay from it

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