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Thread: 06 SP Authentic Break...

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    06 SP Authentic Break...

    I had a box of SPA i purchased with the intention of reselling it later on. seeing that the price for SPA on eBay had dropped down around $100, I decided to go ahead and break the box... mistake.

    I got six thick packs, so no auto patch. Here's what I ended up with:

    - Jimmy Williams Rookie Authentic Signatures
    - Charlie Whitehurst Rookie Exclusives Jerseys (121/150)
    - Lofa Tatupu SP Authentics Signatures redemption.


    - Alan Zemaitis
    - Guy Whimper

    I'll gladly sell or trade the entire box's contents (including the thick pieces of cardboard from the thick packs) if anyone is interested. I have not scratched or redemed the redemption.

    Check out my site to see what else I have to trade: My Site

  2. Kronozio
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    Arent you supposed to get 4 autos or jerseys per box?

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    That was a rough one. I can't see myself going anywhere near that product. A freaking redemption to boot, good luck getting it redeemed. 9 months and counting on my redemption of a Marcus Allen Auto and I don't expect to get it. They will probably send me some no name nobody that nobody has ever heard of.

    I do like the Jimmy Williams though.

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    I want the guy whimper, seriously, let me know who you are looking for.

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    How do you know about the 6 packs deal. Do you get 7 thick packs if there is a patch auto in there? And if there is 6 then no patch auto

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