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Thread: My best ever pull.

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    My best ever pull.

    Not that I have had to many "Great" pulls, but I decided to get a few more packs of cards.. hopeing for a Game Used or Auto. I got the 2006 bowman. Upon opening the pack I got, I didnt see any game used or autos, just a gold card, and to chrome blue refractors. Didn't think much of it, and put them on my desk and didn't touch until today. Upon pricing the rookies.. My 2 chrome blue refractors were rookies. Ko Simpson which books for $10. And then Marques Colston, which beckett has a price of $80.00. Not only did I get my first refractor, but landed a pretty descent one apparently.

    My best pull before this was 1993 when I bought 1 pack of score 1993 cards. Upon opening it, I had 2 Franchise cards sitting in there.. Barry Sanders and Steve Young. Book value on them back then was arond $50 total.

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    yep marques colston is probably the best chrome rookie you can get out of bowman nice pack congrats take care steve

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