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Thread: Small Trades!!

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    Small Trades!!

    Looking to make a couple deals
    And also i need to get a couple new cards that are autos
    My site is in my signature
    Please Post what you liek
    And what you have

    I also have 10 new cards going up on the site today!!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i like the mo williams auto, the collison gu, and ther bryant ball.....lmk

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    i like these:
    tmac/hunter dual gu
    mo williams auto
    kobe 3d gu
    redd auto/jsy
    felton auto
    mason/redd dual auto/gu
    mason/redd dual gu

    check my site for them

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    I like all of your Arenas jerseys. Please check my bucket.

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    jepetto i like these:
    2005-06 SAGE Autographs Silver A5 Travis Diener/250
    2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Ink DE Daniel Ewing
    Willromig I like these:
    Simien Auto
    Diener Auto
    Jarret Jack Auto
    Nenad Kristic Auto

    Samhag I like these:
    Baron Davis Auto
    Dual Auto of Ginobilli and Parker

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    heres the bvs on what u wanted from me:
    Simien Auto 15
    Diener Auto 15
    Jarret Jack Auto 15
    Nenad Kristic Auto 25

    so lmk the bvs of what i want r and well go from there

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