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Thread: Anyone got any G.GREEN?

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    Anyone got any G.GREEN?

    looking for pretty much anything low end to high end of him.plmk what you have really looking for his spx auto jsy rookie bv50 have a nate sp and jack spx to put forward to trade for that.

    Thanls lmk what you hav.


  2. Kronozio
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    i've got these:
    press pass rc
    ud slam rc
    ud rookie debut rc
    topps rc (3)
    topps 52 style rc (2)

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    need one of each.sorry eric can't buy though.lmk.

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    i can do some trades too.let me figure out the bv's on one of each.

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    the bv came to $24 according to my beckett.what do you have to trade.i need your melo reflections fabrics and dwight howard reflections fabrics.

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    don't really wanna trade gu for them unless I get gu back any rookies or base you looking or like on my site/bucket?

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    i didnt really see anything i could use you have any melo's or ridnour's for trade??

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    only melo base any interest?the reflections melo i'd need a gu included.

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