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Thread: DeMeco Ryans..Who Wanted Him?

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    DeMeco Ryans..Who Wanted Him?

    I have just pulled a DeMEco Ryans SP Authentic Rc. I know that someone had his name in their sig so send a list. I also have some base SP Authentic cards if anyone is building the set.



  2. Kronozio
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    I am interested in it. What is the bv on it? What are you looking for in return?

    I have these Mannings:
    1998 Ultra *Caught in the Draft* Peyton Manning ROOKIE INSERT #4 of 15 CD
    1998 Metal Universe Peyton Manning ROOKIE #189
    1998 Score Peyton Mannong ROOKIE #233
    1998 Press Pass Peyton Manning ROOKIE #1
    2006 Playoff Prestige *Stars of the NFL* Peyton Manning GAME-USED JERSEY #NFL-3


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    id like it...dont have much manning, but still, lmk

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    #1DeMecoRyansFan may be interested in it if he doesn't already have it. Shoot him a PM if you can't work anything out w/ the others.

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    jjj, you really think that guy would want it? I mean, why do you think he likes DeMeco?


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    It was just a guess, I could be wrong though, lol.

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    Hey buddy I like that Manning jsy you listed.


    I like that Freshman Fabric Jerious Norwood Jsy you have.


    Ill try that.

    Thanks guys.


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    What/who else do you collect?

    I really want the Ryans if it is available. If not, then what else do you have ft?

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    His name is bama something. Hes got a long name and loves Demeco.


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