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Thread: Wal-mart trip...

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    Wal-mart trip...

    Went to Wal-mart picked up a box of Tri-star Prospect Plus which offers 1 Auto per box. And also a few packs of '52 rookies since no box there...

    This is what I got:

    Tri-Star Prospect Plus Base Cards(have others, just listed better ones):
    -Nolan Reimold
    -Jusin Upton
    -Koby Clemens (gone)
    -Jose Tabata
    -Chris Parmelee
    -Billy Rowell
    -Cory Rasmus
    -Colby Rasmus (gone)
    -Evan Longoria (gone)
    -Jeremy Papelbon
    -Nick Adenhart
    -Kyle Drabek
    -Hank Conger
    -Blake Dewitt
    -Kyle McCulloch
    -Brandon Wood
    -Troy Tulowitzki
    -Tim Lincecum (gone)
    -Hunter Pence (gone)
    -Cameron Maybin (gone)
    -Jeff Samardzija (nft)
    -Billy Butler
    -Alex Gordon (gone)
    -Roger Clemens

    "Protential" Inserts:
    -Hunter Pence
    -Joey Votto
    -Koby Clemens
    -Tim Lincecum
    -Cameron Maybin
    -Alex Gordon

    "Family Ties" Inserts:
    -Jim & Chad Tracy
    -Doug & Kyle Drabek
    -Koby & Roger Clemens

    And the AUTO card from the box (in last pack):
    - 2006 Tri-Star Prospect Plus Farm Hands Josh Papelbon AUTO (GONE)

    From the 1952 Topps Rookies Packs(yet again, there are others):
    -Dustin Pedroia
    -Taylor Tankersly
    -Freddie Bynum
    -Fausto Carmona
    -Andy Marte
    -Scott Mathieson
    -Chad Billingsley
    -Greg Maddux
    -Mickey Mantle Orange

    -Dynamic Duos Insert: Johnathon Papelbon & Jon Lester
    -Chrome: Brian Sanches #'d 0861/1952
    -Chrome: Mike Piazza #'d 1622/1952
    -Refractor: Justin Knoedler #'d 107/552
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    Yet Again

    Was at Wal-Mart today and picked up a 2 pack thing for 4$
    first pack is 05 topps heritage football and the first 5 cards (of 8) was:

    -Vincent Jackson RC
    -Travis Daniels RC
    -Kevin Burnett RC

    and back to back:
    -05 Topps Heritage Alex Smith (TE-TB Bucs) AUTO
    -Redemption: A Certified Real One Jerome Mathis AUTO

    Pack of 05 Plaoff Prestige Baseball got:
    -05 Playoff Prestige Jeff Bagwell MLB Game-Worn Jersey Collection GU

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    Edit- Didn't realize this was an old thread

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    Went to wal-mart today, only place around to get cards. Picked up a Bowman baseball DPP box (20$) and two mixed booster packs 1 baseball 1 football (4$ each) has two packs per. I got this:

    Bowman DPP:
    -Cyle Hankerd Chrome Refractor

    -Tommy Hickman Chrome Auto

    -Homer Bailey GU jsy

    MLB Booster pack:
    -Joe Mauer MLB Hot Prospects Draft Edition RC (2004)

    NFL Booster Pack:
    -Gerald Riggs Jr Topps DPP Rookie (2006)

    -D'Brickashaw Ferguson Rookie Refractor Topps DPP (2006)
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    If available, I'm interested in the Hunter Pence and Koby Clemens cards.

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    What are you looking for for the Drabek and Longoria Tristars?

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