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Thread: Buying 2006 Rookies at 15-20%

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    Buying 2006 Rookies at 15-20%

    Hey, thanks for looking. Looking to pick up RC's, will buy with cash. Not particularly interested in Score or Press Pass. Thanks. Also looking to buy in a decent sized lot, not just one card unless it has a higher type BV (i.e. not looking to buy a $3 card for $1 dlvd).

    Reggie Bush
    Vince Young
    Matt Leinart
    Jay Cutler
    Laurence Maroney
    Santonio Holmes
    DeAngelo Williams
    Joseph Addai
    Greg Jennings
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Tavaris Jackson
    Jerious Norwood
    Leon Washington
    Marques Colston

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    how about this one card:

    06 Topps Turkey Red Cyan Printing Plate DeAngelo Williams #'d 1/1

    looking for $45 DLVD

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    Little out of my range. Thanks for the offer though.


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    i have these if you are interested

    Matt leinart topps turkey red BV $15

    Mat leinart topps turkey red black BV $24

    Reggie bush topps turkey red red BV $15

    Reggie bush topps turkey red black BV $30

    lmk if you are interested in them


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    They were a little higher than expected, so I'll have to pass, but thanks for the post anyway.


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