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Thread: Clyde Drexler Auto For Sale

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    Clyde Drexler Auto For Sale

    Here's the deal. I'm getting out of the card business for a while. I've tried this before, but didn't leave, well, this time it's real. I need to "get my priorities straight" before actually being able to focus on cards. Way too much going on right now and I don't need to deal with this on the side. So I'm selling completely out for the time being. Everything I don't sell on here goes to Ebay.

    This is supposedly SP/25 or less. First $20 gets it.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    What is this card listed under? I don't see it under SP (and I'm fairly sure they didn't have autos inserted into UD product that year..?)

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    Looks like an IP...if it were a buyback would have come with the hologram serial #

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    It's a buyback, there's an extra hologram on the back of it, I'm guessing that's for a buyback. Didn't come with a COA, none did. I trust the person I got it from pretty well, so I don't think I was lied to, and if I was, then oh well.

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    Only looking to sell right now. You just wanting to trade, or you maybe buying?

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