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Thread: WTTF: Bengals

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    WTTF: Bengals

    Looking for Bengals. I am espceially looking for 2003 UD Star Rookies gold cards of Kelley Washington # to 50. Thanks

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    i have these bengals:
    2001 fleer showcase Rudi Johnson rookie #/1500
    1998 flair showcase Cory Dillon ROW 1!


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    I got a bunch of bengals. I would trade them for ron daynes or packer cards


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    I have several Bengals cards, check my site. Do you have a web page or trade list?

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    I may consider trading one of my dillon jerseys for the right auto. What autos do you have?

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    Sorry no trade page, but tell me what you want and I will let you know.

    Rodent14- Sorry I dont have any autos of the players you collect.

    cwh25- I am interested in you Chad Johnson Bowman's Best Auto and Kelley Washington Class Marks Foil Auto. What kind of bv do you want in return. I Assume you want Redskins. Let me know which players and I will see what I have.

    Prophet- What do you have?

    GreatOne55- Thanks, but I am not interested in those cards right now.

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    doesn't have to be one of those guys, just a good player. Got any autos?

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    Bloomis- what are you interested in?

    Rodent- Instead of an auto, would you take a jersey for the dillon jersey? (I only have a few autos and they are in my personal collection for now)

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    I'm looking for P. Ramsey, L. Coles, L. Arrington and C. Bailey. I would want to trade autos/gu for autos/gu.

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