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    Exclamation Looking For Former Quincy Gems!!! Like Josh Kinney, Neal Cotts, And Josh Rabe!!!!

    as the title said i need those players and any others that played for the gems mainly looking for Gu/autos/nice refractors/ and nice rcs. no base plz, lmk what u have via pm or posting on here. am going to work in a few minutes so will repsond to everyone when i get home at about 10. thnxs for looking and bring me ur stuff!!!!!

    thnxs, anthony

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have Neal Cotts 04 Bowman 1st edition #149. If you need it send a SASE and it is yours.


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    hahahahahah, lmao, Royer this was last updated January of last year. Haha :-)

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