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    Best Offer

    Who will give me the best card for ALL of my CC? I like 03 Finest Baseball, GU... low-mid end certified autos, just make me an offer on any card... this post will be open until midnight tonight. Thanks.

  2. Kronozio
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    i got a thome bat and a luis gonzo jersey from 03 finest. lmk

    the luis is 8 and the thome is 15

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    I'll give you a Shawn Green GU bat, BV. 20.00... lmk

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    Nolan why did you just make two posts in two minutes for no true reason.

    Are you only looking for finest gu cuz i could maybe sell a different make, also how much you spending per BV

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    I'm not only looking for Finest Gu... im just looking for the best overall card I can get for my cc. I dont really have a BV per cc thing, just looking for the best offer.

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