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Thread: Looking for some cheap autos

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    Looking for some cheap autos

    Lookign for those Team Best and just autos or any cheap auto that you have for trade. I may buy but it would have to be a good player because i simply dont have alot of money. Ill trade for it or i have a little bit of cc i can give. I do have a little bit more cc on the way so just let me know what you have! Thanks!!

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    2000 Just Minors graded autos, Alex Escobar&Talmadge Nunnari

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    I would be interested in the Escobar what u looking for for that?

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    I have a 1999 Just AJ Burnett Auto BV $4-5

    LMK if interested..I would trade it for a game used card.

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    ah sorry i don't have any cheap game used
    harriston would you trade it for a pujols?

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    heel yeah i would!I don't even care if it's un-cert!PM me with your addy!

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    I don't think he is offering a pujols auto, hairston.

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    ohh, yeah he was probably just offering a common/insert. If so just check my site, see if I need it. I want either $5 in commons or $3 in inserts. If you were seriously offering a pujols auto then yes I'd do it in a heartbeat!

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