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    Laurence Maroney Patch & Auto FT

    2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Cross Training Laurence Maroney 103/125
    2006 Score Select Inscriptions Laurence Maroney 078/100

    Scans of the Front & Back of both cards are in my bucket...

    I'm looking for Maurice Jones-Drew Autos & Patches...LMK if you are interested and what you can offer...


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    are you still interested in my matt jones 05 ultimate patch /15? i like the maroney auto.

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    I'll have to think about it, I'm collecting more Maurice Jones-Drew right now

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    If i get no offers, I'm going to list these on eBay tonight...thought for sure there would be someone interested on here...

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    you can chekc out my bucket for both thanks


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    Interested in this:

    2006 Score Select Inscriptions Laurence Maroney 078/100

    I have a Bowman Signs of the Future Maurice Jones-Drew

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    OGLESBYC: Didnt see anything im interested in.

    Darryl87: The LM books at $80 and the MD at $30, is there anything you can add? PM me

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