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Thread: Leaf Limited break

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    Leaf Limited break

    Well bought a pack/ mini box (4 cards)

    Pretty disapointed but did get one sweet card..
    I got a McNabb base($4), Brian Westbrook Base($2.50)
    Teddy Bruschi spotlight/25 $12

    And this card which is only $36 but pretty darn sweet.. Check out what the patch is of.. Its numbered 3/27

    Pretty disapointed that I got like $55 in BV when I paid $70 for the pack.
    Cool card In my opinion though, so dont think ill ever get rid of it..
    Olly & Sara
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    Main wants/P.Manning, Marino, A.Rodgers,Ronnie Brown/Packers/Phins/Badgers

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    WOW, Very Nice Rice card... Congrats! And just so you know with that helmet piece being the logo that it is, that thing would sell well over the $36 bv...That card alone is near your money back on the pack. Rice is the GREATEST of ALL TIME! NICE PULL IMO!

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    Thanks.. I thought it was pretty sweet.. I think it could probably sell for over the $36, but the wife wont let me sell it.. haha. It was kind of a bust except for that card being the eyepatch..
    olly & Sara

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    That is a primo piece. Congratulations.

    LL is pretty hit or miss.

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    Very nice Rice Helmet. Check my site if you like anything on it and PM me.

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    I dont like the raiders but that is one of the coolest looking cards I have ever seen. Nice and clean, not too flashy and a one of a kind helmet piece.

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    How could you be disappointed with that? That is a sweet pull. I guess the only thing you could be disappointed about is that it is not his Niners jersey/helmet/picture.

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