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    Looking for 2 Topps 2003 Inserts

    One last try to find these two...

    Nolan Ryan RecordBreaker #7 - Series II
    Greoge Brett FlashBack - Series I

    Buy or Trade.

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    Hey stiles, I have the Brett BV 5 of the record breakers, do you have like one or two cheap autos to trade for it?

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    Tiger - Got a Jim Rice GU jersy recordbreaker relic.

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    That isnt probably enough for the brett, is it?

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    Brett is BV$15, Rice is BV$10.
    The only other GU I have is Hornsby Relic BV$40.

    What else do you need? Or how about $7.50?

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    i can just take the rice gu for it if you want to, and also you wanted the regular inserts not the gu? All I had was the regular insert.

    also I think I might of gotten confused, it this one of the recordbreakers, and if not, sorry I have been confused and thought you needed the recordbreakers.

    Yep, I did get confused, sorry about the misconception. Like I said I thought you needed the record breakers like the ryan. Well anyways, good luck with your search:) .
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