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Thread: New Photobucket-TRADE!

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    New Photobucket-TRADE!

    Just built a photobucket but still need to add some stuff. LMK what ya need thanks!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey dude, love the marion patch and stockton auto you got in that box break...lmk what you like of mine and maybe we can work a deal...most likely will not trade PC for the patch, but maybe for the stockton

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    zach- I like your kobe/ garnett dual and parich patch

    jeremy- which gordon? The Sage books 30$ and the Fleer Sweet sigs is NFT

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    sage prob don't have enough for it but lyk anyways.

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    what do you want to do? looking for 60-70 on the patch, and the kobe/garnett is 40...lmk

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