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    Selling This Awesome Brett Favre Turkey Red Auto!

    Got this sweet Brett Favre auto, looking to sell...Goes for around $150 on ebay, and I'd ideally like to get $140 dlvd out of it. But, feel free to make your best offer! I may be willing to trade, but I'm very picky and will only trade it towards: 1991 Star Pics Favre Auto or a high end Laurence Maroney auto.

    Here it is...2006 Turkey Red Brett Favre Red Border Auto /50

  2. Kronozio
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    DAS...I have a Maroney Turkey Red Cabinet auto/jersey #106/300 I could put towards the Favre. Any interest? I believe the Maroney books $100. I know you really like my Favre Star Pics, but I don't think I can give that one up.

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    I would love to have this, i can afford $100, would you do this?

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