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Thread: Lot For Sale CHEAP!

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    Lot For Sale CHEAP!

    Topps 2004 Delmon Young/B.J Upton Prospects
    Kenny Lofton Donruss rc
    Bret Boone Donruss rc
    Huston Street Just Rookies
    Justin Verlander UD rc
    Brian Anderson Sweet Spot rc
    Chris Roberson rc gold topps 1488/2005
    Brian Anderson future relections rc
    Toronto Blue Jays topps team card gold 1586/2003
    Adam Greenberg Bowman rc
    Livan Hernandez Score rc

    I can do this whole lot for 6 dlvd

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    come on this is a decent lot..send me offers

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