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Thread: Selling My Entire Collection

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    Selling My Entire Collection

    I am selling off my entire photobucket. Prices dlvd. with insured shipping above the card. Scans that say Sold above them are cards that are already sold.



  2. Kronozio
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    like these...can i get a price on all of them...
    j.stallworth auto
    singletary auto
    o.graham auto
    s.young auto
    staubach auto
    aikman auto

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    there should be prices above all of them. Check the bucket again to make sure that they all have prices above them. The site is 100% updated as to what is available and what is not available.



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    hey Daren- hopefully you have some of that stuff left in a couple days. I just sold a card for 800 bucks, once I get my paypal for it, I will be going on a mini buying spree. any chance you can hold the peyton manning ud finite auto for me for a day or two?
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    hey bud, what is the year/bv for the Hines ward? Also, are any of the Peytons rc autos? If so, what are the BVs on the ones you are selling? Very interested... thanks

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    is that a maurice drew auto in the first pic of the cardboard village stuff? if it is whats the price?

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