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Thread: Selling GU/Auto's/Patches

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    Selling GU/Auto's/Patches

    Hey all,
    Just looking to pick up a few dollars for some purchases I made for my PC. I'm selling everything in my bucket. It is about 90% up to date. I would trade, but only for AROD or GWYNN GU/AUTO's that I need. Plmk what your interested in and make an offer. I'll accept paypal, money order, and cash at your own risk. Sorry, but I can't accept checks.
    All cards will be sent out this weekend when I go home for a few days to pick up some things I left when I moved back to school.

  2. Kronozio
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    How much for this delivered and its BV:

    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Don Mattingly Heroes Double

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tifany710
    BV is $40
    $15 DLVD
    Thanks for the quick reply, but I will have to pass, the one I lost out on, on ebay, went for $6.38, plus $2.50 s/h.
    Thanks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tifany710
    Too bad you missed out on it. Hope you find another one for that price.
    With ebay, it's always a waiting game of hit or miss and if you're not around to place a last minute bid, that's what happens.
    They'll be more out there.

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    interested in the manning/yzerman/mcguire triple and the mario williams spx. Check my page, I have a few Arods near the bottom in the baseball section.

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    im not sure where you found those cards because they arent in my bucket...i dont have any football.

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    How much for:
    1) Pedro Heroes Double GU and/or
    2) Schilling jumbo swatch?

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