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Thread: Best Mail Day in a While!!!!

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    Thumbs up Best Mail Day in a While!!!!

    I received two more auto successes today. One was from Winston Cup Driver Joe Nemechek (40 days). The other was from Hall of Famer Bob St. Clair (23 days).
    On top of that I received two NPN's. One was from Finest and was a game bat of Helton. The other was from Bowman Chrome. It is a redemption (sorta odd) for an Uncirculated Refractor. Sent that one out today.
    Also received two ebay auctions I won!!!!!

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    I haven't got anything in the mail for awhile now but I've been sending out alot more reqests recently so hopefully October will be a good month for me.

    Plus I got 4 ebay wins that should be here soon.

    I got 4000 hockey cards and 1000 baseball cards coming so I shouldn't run out of stuff to get signed for a couple years. lol

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    Wow, looks like you have a lot coming in. Good luck for auto requests in the future!

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