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Thread: Can Somone....

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    Can Somone....

    Can Someone Look This Card Up For Me Cuz I Don't Collect Basketball And Don't Have A Beckett.
    It's 01-02 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time Jersey Patrick Ewing

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    You can look up any card for free at the only thing is though you can only look at the price of 1 card at a time. Here's your card :

    2001-02 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time 19 Patrick Ewing $8.00 $20.00

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    damn, that card almost books for as much as Patrick Ewings 1986 Fleer rookie.

    That 1986 Fleer set, including Jordan rookie, is one of the prettiest around!!

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    Originally posted by cujoluva
    thanks alot iggy u've been a big do u wanna buy it lol!@
    If it doesn't have etopps on it, I don't buy it :D

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    Are you looking to trade that. LMK

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