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Thread: new stuff for trade

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    new stuff for trade

    theres some stuff on my bucket for trade
    check it out

  2. Kronozio
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    tyler i really like that mauer bowman's best auto is it ft? i also like the kazmir liriano dual

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    Greenbeans-the Mauer I Have Been Getting Offers Of About 150bv On So Id Need A Really Good Offer On It

    The Dual Auto Books For I Think 60
    I Can Use These
    Felix Auto From Bowman Chrome
    Thats Really All

    Have Any High End Autos Not On Ur Site

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    pm sent my offer is higher than the other but well see if you want it

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    Tyler I like your Sapp Tristar Auto and your Sean Watson Auto... Check my bucket and see if there is something you like for them.

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    i like these

    sheets letterman auto
    coby clemens auto
    dunn jumbo patch

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    The Coby Clemens is gone and the Dunn Patch has No BV but am putting a BV of 80 on it... I do have Sheets though and it has a BV of 30. LMK what you wanna work out.

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    wasnationals fan-the sapp is gone

    ill trade the watson and is there anything else on my site u need to get that dunn patch??
    i really really like that card a lot!!!

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