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Thread: Barry Bonds GU Wanted

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    Barry Bonds GU Wanted

    I have some cash and other GU to trade for Bonds GU. My GU are listed on my site. I know they aren't worth much but I would trade multiple ones for a Bonds. Also any current or retired Giants GU I would be interested in. LMK Thanks.

  2. Kronozio
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    Try pming DTrain I know he just got one recently. 2003 Donruss Studio I think!

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    I have a bonds gu up for auction on ebay right now starting at $1


    See picture below...

    card books for $25....there are no bids currently, so if you don't wish to bid on it, make me an offer and I can cancell the auction

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    I don't have an Ebay account otherwise I would bid on it. I would buy it from you though for a reasonable price. If not would you trade it for this card:

    2003 Fleer Focus JE Troy Glaus Team Colors GU Jersey BV $25

    LMK Thanks.

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    I have a 2002 Studio Barry Bonds GU base /200 bv 25 lookin to sell it .. please make me an offer if u r interested

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    Spent most my cash on another Bonds GU Surfer but I would trade for it. Check my site and see if you like anything. My cash offer is not worthy but thanks.

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    Bonds, just an looks like I'll be going home a week from next Saturday...Oct. 11. I'll get you the scan of the card as soon as I get home, and we can go from there. I'll send ya a pm when I get back to Des Moines. Thanks


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    Cubs I will send out the money tommorow so you can just send out the Bonds when you get home. Just pm me your address.

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