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Thread: Team Lots For Sale

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    Team Lots For Sale

    I just went through about 2000-3000 cards and started to sort the cards by team. I have on average 75-100 cards of each team, except for a couple team like the Cardinals, D-Back, and White Sox. They are mostly from the 1990 but there are also some newer cards

    I am going to be putting them on ebay but before I do that I thought that I would check here first to see if anyone is interested. If you are please list the team or teams that you are interested in and I will get a count of the cards, but I will not list out all the cards because it will take to long.

    I am looking for a total about $5.00 for the each lot which includes shipping. If you want to pay with paypal I ask that you add .50 to the total to cover the paypal fees.

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