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Thread: rick nash rookie

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    rick nash rookie

    how much would a nash rookie our of the parhurst retro out of 300?

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    i don't know but do you want to trade it?

    I would guess around $50

    let me know if it is for trade

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    i might. i just realized how bad i got rooked in this one. i traded 2 jersies of bondra numbered out of 10 as well as a colorado roy mask from maks collection and 110 bucks down.

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    yah i did, son of a gun eh :( and i thought i hit a 300 buck card.

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    I honestly couldn't see it being more than $50-$75

    Who did you trade with?

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    the card dealer he said it was worth over 300 bucks etc.

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    it doesn't book yet, those cards were just released last week weren;t they?

    if you want to trade look at my site, I have 2 Nash cards for trade

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    my friend gary has one of these

    Wayne Gretzky 03 Upper Deck "UD Playbooks Jersey Card" #PL9 (3/20) Not Priced Due To Scarcity
    (2 patch cards held together by display hinge, Patch from LA Kings and All-Star game)

    what would this sucker go for? any ideas?

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    my local dealer told me that I should be able to get anywhere from $600-$1500

    I will trade it but for a lot of Rick Nash cards

    or some high end Nash and some Cash

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