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Thread: AWESOME bure card

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    Thumbs up AWESOME bure card

    hey everyone,

    i recently traded a 00-01 pavel bure bap ultimate silver auto 30/90 to a friend. my friend needs money and is looking to sell it for around $30 US.

    is anyone interested in purchasing this card for $30 US. it is worth $80!!!!!!!! it would be an awesome addition to your collection!


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    I am really interested but i will have to find a way to get some cash. HMMMM...... Don't wait for me thought Clint if someone else wants it let them have it unless i can get some cash

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    ok sounds good. i will let ya know if someone else is interested in it. let me know if you can raise the cash!

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    Yeah sure thing man. Pavel Bure is my favourite player and I would love to add this card to my Bure Collection. BTW would you happen to have any Bure commons, inserts, or parrallels you would be willing to trade?

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    my brother has 6 bure rookies, a 00-01 sp game used 3 color jersey exclusive 333/350, and a 00-01 signature series SP gold auto

    that bap silver auto was the only good bure i had. if you buy that ill find all my bure commons i have and ill just throw them in with the silver auto.

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    actually one time i wrote to bure and he sent me an auto'd card back, but i usually dont like to trade those.

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    I really like Bure. He is my favourite player. I am trying to make a huge collection of his cards. I have an autographed card that I got off a good friend of mine. For that Bure Silver would you let me pay in CDN$$ and just add the exchange rate?

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