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Thread: Brett Favre .....

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    Brett Favre .....

    Has officially stated he WILL BE BACK!! Another season for the old man Favre, 17 years in the league! Pretty Amazing.

    Any thoughts?

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    Obviously, this news has made my day. Favre is pretty much the only QB I've known (considering he took over when I was 11). It's going to be pretty weird to watch the Pack when he finally hangs 'em up for good. I think that he'll break all the records (including, unfortunately, the interception record) next season, then officially ride off into the sunset after leading the Packers to the playoffs. Who knows, if the Packers can get a stud running game and the defense plays like it did during the last few games, maybe he can go out like Elway did, but as one of the top 3 QBs of all time.

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    He's really the only GB QB I've ever know too! It's great for the pack and for the NFL. He will have a better year next year, better team. We'll see some good draft picks and trades to further help him.

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    Good luck to the Pack and their QB for next year.

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    What I would like to see from the Packers this offseason:

    Cullen Jenkins, Ahman Green, Colin Cole, Jon Ryan and David Martin (by default only).

    I would like to see them sign a decent Free Agent WR like a Dennis Northcutt, Eric Moulds or Drew Bennett or even Shaun McDonald or Kevin Curtis. The quality of this guy does not have to be top notch, just more serviceable than the likes of Shaun Bodiford, Chris Francies or Carlton Brewster. I mean look what New England grabbed off the scrap heap and plugged into their offense. Gaffney and Caldwell were castoffs and there for anyone. The biggest rumor out there is the Randy Moss to the Packers rumor. I was actually looking at this possibility toward the end of the regular season and was pleasantly surprised to see the Packers looking at this possibility because the logic seems to be there. Main reason is the cap room the Packers have and the fact that they have the most players locked up for 2007. This means you can overspend somewhere like taking on Moss' contract in hopes he rediscovers the glory he had with the Vikings. I am one Packer fan who does like Randy Moss and have heard Robert Ferguson and 3rd rdr may be all it takes to get this done.

    Get a return guy for God's sake, there are plenty of them in free agency and there is no reason not to have someone that can return a kick and punt on this team. Some suggestions would be Wes Welker (hes restricted, but the Draft pick is not too high and the Dolphins may match your offer), or any of the others out there to be had on the cheap, Michael Lewis, Bethel Johnson, Terrence Wilkins. This is a glaring need that sometimes is overshadowed, but they were horrific on special teams last year and the fact that Mike Stock and Shawn Slocumb kept their jobs is ridiculous.

    Biggest needs are at TE and Safety. If Marquand Manual is starting on this team next year, there is no way they make the playoffs. I know one player doesnt ruin a team, but I am telling you, he is not a NFL starter and they cannot go into the season expecting him to be one. The guy I would like to see is Michael Lewis from the Eagles. Nick Collins' game will improve even more having someone back there with him that is a quality DB. Michael Lewis is Unrestricted free Agent and can come in right now and play. thats what this team needs.

    At Tight End, unfortunately, I think they need to resign David Martin. Mainly because Bubba Franks is a shell of his former self and cannot be on the field if they are to win. He will not get cut though, because of Favre's loyalty to him. He should be glad favre is back more than anyone, so he dont have to jump on and find a job. Tony Gonzalez resigned with the Chiefs or that could have been the splash of free agency the Packers needed to make. My hopes here is to grab either Zach Miller or Greg Olsen in the 2nd rd of the NFL draft. Either of them can come in and play right away and by seasons end be entrenched for the next 5-6 yrs as the next good Packer TE.

    The offensive line was the project last year and aside from Scott Wells (who isnt that bad) looks like it could be kept in tact.

    Resigning Ahman Green needs to be a priority because there arent that many other good options available in free agency and there are more teams looking for help in that position. I think getting him signed before Free Agency period begins March 2nd should be done to save from having to be involved in bidding war with another team. I really like Vernand Morency, but dont think he is an every down back and will need someone that can shoulder the load. They will need to get a 3rd back to hopefully replace Noah Herron who shouldnt be brought back, but may because he wont cost much. Unless they lose Green, I hope not much is done here other than losing Herron and picking up someone with some upside that may have been overlooked on current team. If they do lose Green, some possible replacements are LaDell Betts and Marcel Shipp, because their styles complement Vernand Morency's and a better #3 guy would need to be brought in.

    #1 priority of Packers right now is signing Cullen Jenkins. The Defensive Line is a collection of quality guys, but the emergence of Aaron Kampman and Cullen Jenkins last year solidified what was supposed to be a glaring weakness on last years team. It is time to say good bye the KGB. His skills have declined and there are better options available. I think this may be where they should look for 1st rd help. If by some luck Omobi Okoye would still be there, he would be perfect fit. i would not be opposed to seeing the pick spent on Demarcus Tyler or Adam Carricker either, Just DO NOT take Dwayne Jarrett. Hopefully someone will take him before the Packers pick. WR is one position you dont look for 1st rd help in the NFL draft. I could go one forever with examples. A few exceptions obviously, but mostly busts (like RB's).

    Here is my wish for the Linebacker group. Nick Barnett is an overated middle Linebacker and would like to see him moved to play outside and slide in Abdul Hodge to play the middle. With Hodge, Hawk and barnett, the LB corps would be solid. Poppinga improved dramtically throughout the course of the season, but like the Marquand Manual rule above. if he is your starting LB, then you are not a playoff team.

    There are some good quality CB's available in free agency this year and I am not big Woodson fan, but think he will stick, but they need to go get another CB that can be a nickel back and cover slot receivers so we dont see the like of Brady Poppinga chasing 5 yards behind the slot receiver (bad coaching by the way) or Ahmad Carroll grabbing at any piece of clothing available so not to give up the big gain. What i am trying to say is it looks like the starters are in place, but this position is nowhere near being fine and someone will need to be signed here. Mid round pick in the draft may also need to be used here again.

    Many "experts" dont think the Packers are that good of a team and have no realistic chance of making the playoff next year. They have a ton of cap room and the most players locked into contracts for 2007. This gives them a few options that cap strapped teams or other teams with more holes than cap room have. They dont need big name free agent to come in. the Chiefs took care of the one high priced free agent that could have been justified. Instead, go get Moss and make sure you get in a Strong Safety that can make a difference. You can get one of the Top 2 TE's in the draft in the 2nd round and get an impact DL in the 1st round. Figure out what is going to work at LB and bring someone in if you have to (just not Hardy Nickerson type guy). Resign the guys you need, Green and Jenkins. Give Aaron Kampman an extension and get ready to give favre another run. The Packers were 2 plays away from being 10-8 last year. that fumble against the Rams where they were ready to win that game and that horrible play call and insuing bad break on the 1 yard line vs the Bills and they are 10-8. Dont forget the collapses vs the Eagles and the Saints. They were not a bad team last year like the Vikings and I think with the right moves will give Favre a chance at the playoffs in 2007.

    Wow, that ended up being long. I had a couple extra minutes, now I am late. GREAT!!

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    Looks like he'll break Marino's TD record this upcoming season

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    Although this is going to set Green Bay back another year at the quarterback position (not that I care, I'm a Jaguars fan), I have to say I'm glad to see Favre is coming back. He is one of the best athletes I've had the joy of watching in my lifetime.

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    I got five reasons why Brett will be back...

    Career Passing Yards
    1) Dan Marino 61,361
    2) Brett Favre 57,500 (3,862 to surpass)

    Career Passing Attempts
    1) Dan Marino 8,358
    2) Brett Favre 8,223 (136 to surpass)

    Career Touchdown Passes
    1) Dan Marino 420
    2) Brett Favre 414 (7 to surpass)

    Career Wins as Starting QB
    1) John Elway 148
    2) Dan Marino 147
    2) Brett Favre 147 (2 to surpass)

    Consecutive Games Started
    1) Jim Marshall 270
    2) Mick Tingelhoff 240
    3) Brett Favre 237 (34 needed to surpass)

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    i would like to see this guy break some records next season

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    Quite remarkable. Favre is the definition of a warrior. I wasn't a Favre fan when I was young (mid 90s) but over the years I've enjoyed watching him play. He shouldn't have to wait five years to get into the HOF lol. He will break multiple records and deserves them.

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