as always, i am looking for browns. thanks, hooker

harrison, marvin 04 fleer showcase playmakers #3pm (colts)

harrison, marvin 04 ultra recieving kings #6re (colts)

harrison, marvin 04 ud power up shining through #st-13 (colts)

manning, peyton 00 ultra instant 3 play #1ip (colts)

manning, peyton 04 skybox l.e. sky's the limit #2sl (colts)

manning, peyton 04 ultra ultra performers #11up (colts)

manning, peyton 04 ud nat'l trading card day #ud-11 (colts)

manning, peyton 05 topps turn back the clock #5 (colts)

manning, peyton 04 fleer tradition blue #46 (colts)

manning, peyton 04 topps dp&p chrome #25 (colts)

peterson, adrian 02 press pass auto (bears)

johnson, tank 04 ud nfl legends rc #126 83/650 (bears)

nagurski, bronko 06 topps hall of fame #hoft-bn (bears)