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    Tom Brady, Clinton Portis, Reuben Droughns FT

    Clinton Portis 2006 Gridiron Gear 'X' /100
    Tom Brady 2006 Gridiron Gear Playbook /500
    Reuben Droughns 2006 Leaf RS Jersey Card (Why do I only pull GU cards like this?)

    Anyway, I'm looking to trade only unless you want to give me some absurdly large amount of cash. I'm looking for:

    2005 Topps Finest Refractors - Trying to get the set here.
    2005 Gridiron Gear Performers cards of Terence Newman
    Cowboys in general.

    I'll be willing to trade these cards and some paypal for nicer autos/gus of cowboys.

    Send me a PM, thanks!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I like the Portis. Take a look at my on-site list?

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    sorry didn't see anything. Thanks for looking though.

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    hey man but what would you want for the portis even though i have it on the way haha..lmk thanks

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    a couple 05 refractors.

    2 is always better than 1 haha

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