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Thread: Help on two graded cards

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    Help on two graded cards

    These two cards are available 2003 Lebron James Topps Rookie #221,and 2003 Dwyane Wade Topps Rookie #225. Both card are graded by Beckett of 8.5. (See picture). Being graded 8.5 is that still good? What is the estimated value of these two cards? What would be a good offer I could make for these cards?

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    from my understanding with modern cards, a grade of around 8-8.5 would give about the same value of the raw card (ie: about $20 for the bron and $12 for the wade)...Vintage cards with grades of 8 is a completely different story, but for modern cards, you would want at least 9, just my 2c

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