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Thread: Assorted Minor Lge cards

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    Assorted Minor Lge cards

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    I have alot of minor league issued cards from 99-2001 many are the Team Best,Just,Centennial.There are many stars throught them like Pat Burrell,Alfonso Soriano,Nick Johnson just to name a few.All the common cards in there I will sell 5 for 1.00 plus shipping .The bigger named guys 30% of the book values.Let me know who your interested in and we can work out a deal.Thanks.

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    Have any Jerry Hairston?I know there are some neat odd-ball cards in those sets.LMK what you have!

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    ive got like 5 assorted can have them for 1.00 plus an sase or shipping from me.

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    Soriano-Just 2k bv 1.25 sell 1
    Soriano-99 Just bv 8 sell 4

    I ll give you the pair for 5 shipped.Let me know.

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