i need all of these:

peyton manning-higher end 98 rookies, autos, patches, low numbered exquisite cards
brett favre-91 stadium club, 92 stadium club, autos, patches, low numbered and exquisite cards
tom brady- higher end 2000 rcs, autos, patches, exquisite and low numbered base/inserts
frank gore 05 autos and logo patches
maurice drew 06 autos no sage or press pass logo patches low numbered rookie
chad johnson high end rc autos and patches /25
joseph addai 06 rookie autos
04 contenders base and autos
steven jackson high end rookie autos and logo patches
michael turner low numbered rookies and rookie autos
jerricho cothery rookie autos no sage or press pass
brandon jacobs 05 autos no sage or press pass
chris henry high end rookie autos
marion barber 05 autos no sage/press pass

sp authentic cards-
98 peyton manning
00 tom brady
04 d henderson
04 mike turner
04 b berrian
05 m barber
05 f gore
05 b jacobs
06 m jones drew
06 j addai
06 j norwood

or will sell and check pages