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Thread: help me decided.....

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    help me decided.....

    Should I bust a box of Ultra, Rookie Debut, Ovation, Upper Deck, or Bowman?????? Help me out here! any opinions?

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    Ultra and Rookie Debut are kind of homely, and Ovation is a bit pricey for the break, but I like UD and Bowman. UD is probably the best bang for the buck. I don't like most UD products, but their primary set is almost always a good deal.

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    do you know how many autos and gu fall per box for bowman and UD??

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    not sure, but you can check - they usually list the odds for each box

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    I think you made a good decision. The base are very nice, and you get a decent amount of GU and Autos per box. Good luck with your break! I hope you pull some PC stuff or mojo!

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    Bowman is deffinately the best of the lot there...i think its 1 auto and 2 GU per box of bowman

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