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    2004 Fleer Inscribed... ANYONE?!?!

    Am I the only person who liked this set???

    Or was it so scarce being one of Fleer's (the REAL Fleer - not the UD Fleer brand) last MLB Baseball issue (I believe 2005 Flair was last) before they went under that some of it never actually made it to retail and hobby dealers???

    I am working on 4 Tiers of the Names of the Game Set:

    Purple GU Patch / Bat cards #d/33
    Blue GU Jsy / Bat cards #d/20
    Gold Autographs (most #d/25 or less)
    Silver Autographs (most #d/99 or less)

    Fleer openly admitted having a skewered production run due to a lot of product being damaged and then destroyed during production. Of course then shutting down completely, none of the damaged/destroyed product was ever replaced.

    I will be building a page dedicated to this set in the near future...

    Inscribed as well as most other REAL Fleer and Donruss sets from 2004 and 2005 have started gaining ground in value since shutting down and being shoved out of the MLB market by Topps and UD.

    Would love to discuss this set with anyone else who collected it - or is trying to collect it still.

    All the best -


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