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Thread: updated tradelist

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    Arrow updated tradelist

    go to my www then look at ADRAN'S TRADELIST on the top right corner.

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    need anything off my site?

    actually, I just looked that up on beckett and it only books 3.
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    I'm also interested in the kennedy. Check my site and LMK

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    oh sorry i have an old beckett how about this 2003 UD Star Spangled Swatches Eric Patterson BV 5

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    i might pass on that, let rodent get it if he wants it

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    nah, don't think I want to give up the ortiz for the kennedy. I just liked the kennedy since he's on the angels. Don't think I want to trade ortiz for him though, since I'm not too sure he'll be starting next year. Was there anything else you liked?

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