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    Screw Triple Threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got one box $200 a box heres what notables I got (if you can call them that):

    Brett Farve parallel /499
    Dan Marino base
    John Elway base
    Ingle Martin auto jersey 50/50
    Steve smith triple jersey /18

    All is FT

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey!!!! I Could use the Brett Favre....

    LMK what ya Need in Trade...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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    Wow...did the CEO of Topps sleep with your wife, too?

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    That is one of the roughest Triple busts I have seen. In all honesty it looks like one of my breaks. Find a packer fan and trade that Ingle away.

    Hint, pr0phet is a Packer fan.

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    Ouchie Yummiest...very sorry for the lousy break :(

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    Its on the bay right now. just click on my ebay name and you'll see it

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