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Thread: what box?

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    what box?

    Well as long as I get my payment from someone tomorrow I think I will head to the card shop since i have no school... what should i get I was thinking about Legends basketball if i have enough money but i might only have 100$ what do you think thats around there would be good.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Legends boxes go for around 115-120 online so probably more at your shop.. It seems like a good product so far, although who knows how the card values will hold up since it's Press Pass..

    I believe Topps Chrome is coming out soon, you might want to wait for that?

    05-06 GOTG, SPA, or SPx are all decent I think. Should run around 60-70 bucks a box..

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    I would also go with Press Pass Legends. It seems like a pretty good product, and I have seen some pretty good breaks from it. SPA and GOTG are also good choices as tradebark mentioned. I would probably go with one of those 3. Personally, I would go with Press Pass Legends, because I would really like to pull that Maravich Auto! I hope you pull some mojo or PC stuff. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    It is usually around $80 for a box of UD Reflections. It comes with 1 Auto and 1 dual or triple GU. I think it would definitely be worth it if it guarenteed a UD Black, but because it doesn't then it is really a hit or miss product IMO, because your GU and Auto might not be of a superstar, which means you break would be terrible if it were to only consist of a gu and auto of a no name players. If you are looking to collect the set of 06-07 UD Reflections then it would probably be worth it, because then the base would actually be helpful to your collecting needs.

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    I nearly bought a 2006-07 UD Sweet Shot basketbal box after I saw this break (and because of what it guarentees per box)...

    However, instead I bought a box of 2006-07 UD Hardcourt, because I collect the UD Hardcourt sets (I Have already completed 05-06 and almost 06-07) and it was guarenteed a UD Black unlike UD Sweet Shot. Sweet Shot is pretty nice though. I like their autos on the ball and for only $77 on dacardworld it makes it a great deal. It comes with 2 Autos and 2 GU. One of the Autos is a RC Auto and the other is a veteran Auto, but it could be a superstar auto like the Carmelo Anthony Auto. IMO, you can't go wrong with Sweet Shot for only $80 because it comes with 2 Autos and 2 GU per box on average. I think you would be better off by going with Sweet Shot over Reflections IMO.

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    yea i saw that break a couple times... if i go to the shop i think i might get 1 of those boxes and packs of the opposite i dont chose and hope for the best wish my lucky finger good luck...

    I chose a box of reflections football box in 04 and the guy asked me what box so i said number three and got an eli manning rookie auto so box 3 is my lucky number now so im going with what ever is third in line wish me luck thanks for the help.

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    Alright, go with 3 if that is your lucky number. Good luck with your break!

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    couldnt go to the shop today cuz i didnt get my money hopefully this weekend.

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