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    06-07 Hot Prospects Rudy Gay Auto/Patch RC /250 FT/FS

    I would like to move this for $28 or........ for an autograph and/or high end rookie card.:

    06-07 Hot Prospects Rudy Gay Auto/Patch RC /250

    I will not look at buckets because that is just annoying. Sorry:new_silly

  2. Kronozio
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    Have this to offer:

    Chauncey Billups UD Hardcourt Clear Auto
    Rasheed Wallace Finest rookie
    $12 paypal

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    Just curious, why is it annoying to look at cards? I love looking at peoples stuff no matter how they set it up.

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    because then a million people tell are interested and want to look at their bucket, i told you what i was looking for so it shouldnt really be that hard to tell me what you got in a sentence.

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    yeah, I don't want that card, I've just been seeing people saying they don't want to look through cards and I wondered what kind of card collector hates looking at cards...I suppose you got a point though.

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    Do you have a scan, would be very interested in it. Could do a cash/card deal with a Chauncey auto. lmk
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    ozflava, very interested in a cash/trade deal with the chauncey auto. I will pm you

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