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Thread: Adam Dunn Auto

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    Adam Dunn Auto

    Anyone Interesed in this? Looking for Ripken Auto in return, could add more auto'ed cards for a higher end Ripken. Check my web site if you are interested in a bigger deal.

    2003 UD Sweet Spot Adam Dunn Auto

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    between $60-$70...Although I've seen some selling in the stores for around $40

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    You have already seen them in stores? That is quick, I just got my boxes of the 03 Sweet Spot this week, maybe my distrubutor is slow.

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    No, I haven't seen this card in stores but I've seen other 2003 Dunn autos that are pretty good quality autos selling for $40-$60.
    Well there are none on ebay!
    That's the only Dunn on there!I saw a Giambi auto selling for $28.00 with 2 days left if that helps!

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    wow, that's a sweet auto. I'd trade for it, but don't have anything in that price range, except for inserts.

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    jeez cubbiefan!Man you must have great eyes or something!What did you type in for the search on ebay?I was trying to find the same thing but had no success!

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    There was a lot of them on eBay. Just type in "dunn sweet spot auto" and go to the category "Current Year" and there is a bunch.

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    oh yeah your right!Thanks and no wonder I never find good ebay deals!

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