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Thread: alex escobar

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    alex escobar

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    I would like to sell the following card

    2000 Just Graded Alex Escobar auto.

    I have to check the graded number but if interested lmk and we can work out a price

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have the same thing and mine's graded 9!They probably graded them all 9!

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    I can't really buy right now but would like to trade. Would you trade it?

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    I guess I could make the exception.What do you have in game used or cert autoes for trade.lmk

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    the only thing i saw that i like was the jennings jsy but that wont be an even trade.ill give the escobar for the jennings jsy and like 5 bucks.let me know.

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    I wouldn't do that unless you're the one adding the 5 bucks. The escobar only books for like 3 bucks. How much were you looking for in trade for it?

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    thanks hairston, I knew it didn't book very high.

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