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Thread: New to SportsCardForum

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    New to SportsCardForum

    Looking to deal some, I have been on beckett for years, and am a well versed trader. Check my bucket and lets deal. I want to get versed in this site, as I've been told it is alot better then beckett

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey, Im vick7favre4 on just asked about some of my cards. Ill pm you in a minute. Oh yea, welcome to SCF

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    welcome to sportscard forum!

    i can use these from your site
    lmk if u need anything form me
    ortiz dual patch
    triple threads triple auto jrseys
    herimda sp authentic letterman
    pierce sp auto
    boldin sweet spot auto
    deshaun foster rpm-also was this auto a ttm or was it actually signed?
    sinroce moss spa

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    Welcome to the site bro,

    Really liked the Leinart Rookie Premeire Auto, the David Thomas Contenders, DeAngelo Williams Mirror Blue Auto

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    Welcome....I like the Manning super patch, Marino Patches, Carson Palmer LCM Patch and the Vince Young RPM check my buckets. Thanks- hope you like it here at SCF...

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    Welcome to SCF!
    It absolutely crushes beckett, I am sure you will love it here, lots of great members. You have a very nice tradelist!
    I can use the following:
    Davenport Bowman's Best Auto
    Fitzgerald Topps Chrome RC
    Roddy White SPA Auto JSY
    Check my site and PLMK

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    WOW!!! Impressive. Your traded are better than my PC.

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    Welcome good sir. I just started really trading/sellign on this site a month or so ago and I like it alot. Love the feedback system. EVeryone this is a great trader you should have no problems with. Weve dealt on a few highend trades.

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    I could use this for my set, BrianCalhounPrestigeSPRc. Check my site, and let me know. Thanks.

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