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    anybody buying? lebron inside!!!!!

    check out the basketball section of my photobucket. i have a lebron gu a jordan farmar chrome auto and more all for sale! lmk what you like. thanks

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    how much do you want on the lebron gu? what year and set is it from?

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    i guess i'm third in line but i like the lebron as well

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    What are you looking for on the Farmar. LMK Thanks Manny

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    lebron is 2005 upper deck bv 40 feel free to make in offer. im going in order of who posted first.

    EDD33- ill have to ask my brother he'll be home around 3 today

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    im not looking to make an offer, thanks anyway

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    i'll wait for 2scoops before i make any offers

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    go ahead lg. i think i'm trading for a lebron jsy right now.

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    well i can no longer buy, i'm out of money right now

    i would trade though if possible

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