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Thread: 06-07 Fleer hobby box

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    06-07 Fleer hobby box

    Nothing but base, a few rookies, and buyback of someone i've never heard of.

    I had thought that you got a game used in each box.

    I am really mad about this box, which ran me 65 bucks.

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    Yikes :(

    Fleer is definitely not a product worth putting money into, I've seen nothing but complaints on Beckett..

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    that had to be one of the worst breaks I've ever had.

    what makes it even worse is that i bought a retail blaster box at wal mart and pulled a GU and 2 buybacks.

    If i wrote in to whoever owns Fleer now, do you think they would do anything?

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    yep they will. they will reply u politely and say.. try few more boxes...........

    i tried a 2005/06 ultimate collection bball box for $320......according to the prices in ebay...the carsd all worth $120 only...

    i really think it is not worth to buy boxes (especially from UD)......unless u luck enough to pull jordan or james autos...etc..

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    Upper Deck owns fleer now, there is a Fleer Jordan Auto Buyback in the product...that's what is driving the product.

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    I was also frustrated with 2006-07 Fleer. I bought a $20 blaster box, and I didn't expect too much, maybe a GU. The only thing that was nice about my break was the amount of rcs I got. I only got 3 86-87 reprint cards, which also frustrated me. In fact, I got a football rc of Santonio Holmes, and I don't even care for football cards, so it was a waste of a rc that I pulled. I am going to stay away from 2006-07 Fleer. It doesn't give many memorbilia cards in a hobby or blaster box. Sorry about your break.

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    I bought a blaster box from Wal-Mart and somehow managed to pull 2 GU. Nobody spectacular though. Just Shelden Williams and Craig Smith, but I was surprised to say the least. I usually only hit base/inserts out of a blaster.

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