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Thread: #$@^!@( =(

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    #$@^!@( =(

    SOOOO close to getting a major addition to my David Lee PC...

    Got sniped with 3 SECONDS left for a David Lee Fleer GOTG Gold auto #/25 BGS 9.5...*sigh*...just had to rant about that...collecting him is starting to get frustrating...why do other people have so much money?!

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    I know how u feel-I was close to getting a Diogu logoman until some other guy came out of nowhere and sniped me. HOW DO THEY DO IT? Is there some kind of sniping machine or something that they use?

    anyways, sorry for the loss.

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    Justin- Yeah, there are plenty of sniping programs out there...I have thought about using one just because of instances like this...but then I really like the auction style and the rush of winning something yourself, you know?

    Anyway, I need to update my DLee PC (got some real nice stuff coming in as well as 3 more exquisites) but if anyone wants to comment on what is up...feel free to make suggestions on what else I should target

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    Im gonna work on getting one of these and may be we can work out a trade

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    Sorry to hear about that. That is just one reason why I hate ebay. I have also been sniped a few times (and I hardly ever bid on anything anymore) and also nearly got ripped off a few times. I also have had to wait 1-2 motnhs + on 1 deal before.

    However, your collection is still very nice. Wouldn't it be cool if the same type of card (the auto #/25 of David Lee and it was graded 9.5) was listed a few days later and you won it for less? I hope you can find another one of these cards.

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    I know what you mean...

    My friend I were going to split a case of SP Signature edition, 24 tins I think. Our max bid was 435 I believe, and it ended up going for $445!

    We were planning on each breaking one or two and selling the rest.

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    I got a case of SP Signature edition incoming (I promise I didn't get it for 445 and beat you) if you want a couple of those boxes

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    Lol sorry i just find this kind of funny as earler tonight i was very happy to be "sniped" at the last minute, when only two hours later i won the same card for about $10 less. Anyways sorry to hear about your bad luck. Hears the card if anyone was interested. PC MOJO!

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    I use Auction Sniper and I absolutely love it since I work 2nd shift. I still get outbid on crap all the time because there is a ton of people with deep pockets on Ebay, but what can you do. The only time I have to spend on the computer is late night and in the afternoon before I go to work so I'm never on when most auctions end, which is why I got Auction Sniper.

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    Sniping isn't really a big deal..

    I mean if you place a bid for the MOST you're willing to pay for a card, a snipe isn't gonna affect whether or not you get it..

    if you keep thinking that you'd be willing to outbid that sniper, then sorry to say but you're being dumb about it.. Either you're overpaying for the card, or you arent placing your true maximum bid

    Of course, the closer to auction end you place that max bid, the better your chances of getting it at a lower cost, but that doesnt affect whether or not you'd get the card.

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