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Thread: new stuff for trade

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    new stuff for trade

    Have some new stuff to trade

    01 Sage Will Allen #A1 ser#103/200
    01 Sage Derrick Gibson #A18 ser#547/999
    01 Sage Koren Robinson #A38 ser#48/50
    01 Sage Richard Seymour ser#108/200
    02 SPx 'supreme signatures' Dan Morgan
    02 UD Uniforms Fred Taylor #UDU-FT (teal jsy)
    01 Invincible Martay Jenkins #2 ser#192/750 (red jsy)
    01 Fleer Gametime Uniformity Chris Redman (purple jsy)
    02 UD Wild Cards Issac Bruce #WC-IB(blue jsy)
    01 Stadium Club La'Roi Glover ALL-PRO #SP-LG (white jsy)
    00 Fleer Gamers Uniformity Randall Cunningham (purple jsy)
    01 Crown Royale Thomas Jones #1 ser #260/277 (red swatch)
    02 Fleer Platinum Marshall Faulk GU Pants #PP/MF (gold pants)
    01 UD GameGear Jesse Armstead # JA-U (white uni)
    01 UD GameGear Warrick Dunn #WD-J (red jsy)
    99 Playoff Momentum Team Threads Checklist RAVENS #TTC 15
    00 UD Legends Mark vanEEGHEN Legendary Jersey(RAIDERS old-school RB #30 (black jsy)
    02 Leaf Cert Mirror Red Duce Staley #71 ser#007/100 (green jsy)

    LOOKING FOR Emmitt Smith, Torry Holt, Cowboys GU AND AUTOS,also multi-color swatches and patch cards, and short prints ser# 100 or less

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    i have a torry holt glove card /50 i wanna sell, do u want that?

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    whats up john, yeah, i like the holt, what you looking for?

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    i would like to sell it for 20, would you do that?

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    I like these two 01 UD GameGear Warrick Dunn #WD-J (red jsy) and 02 Leaf Cert Mirror Red Duce Staley #71 ser#007/100 (green jsy) please check my site

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    01 Sage Koren Robinson #A38 ser#48/50

    lmk the bv and what u want for this thanks..

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    Ill talk to you on AOL later about it, thanks

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    strong, thats cool, i will be home later this evening

    great one, i will have bv later, looking for any emmitt smith game used, dallas cowboys gu/autos, torry holt, portis,harrington,or 3 color and auto cards

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