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Thread: Need Beckett Samples

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    Need Beckett Samples

    Really need most of these. PLMK what you have and how much book value you want in return. Need all sports, not just basketball. I have some baseball, football, basketball, and racing to trade. Thanks

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    i have these
    u/deck mark blount
    s/club r.jefferson
    sp authentic e.campbell
    ud glass a.hardaway

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    admiral- What are you looking for in trade and how much book value are you looking for in trade for the samples? PLMK and thanks!

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    i found the olajuwan and malone refractors a couple days ago while cleaning up my stuff- do you still need/want them?

    also i have the antoine walker ultimate victory red /350
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    bdrr- Yes I still need them. What are you looking for in trade? PLMK and thanks!

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